Cravings Running Amuck

When I first started running and the running app I was using said, “You’ve burned xxx calories” I would think, “Awesome!  That’s a greasy breakfast sandwich!” or “Oh yeah, heaping bowl of ice cream for dessert, here I come!”  This kind of thinking went on for awhile.  I’ve always been thin, and now that I was burning so many calories running I figured, “I need all these calories!  It’s o.k.”

Once I became a more serious runner and started reading up on running and nutrition, it became apparent to me that I needed to change my thinking!  I started searching the internet and reading blogs, looking on Pinterest, and reading a bunch of articles in Runner’s World magazine and on their website.  Protein smoothies, green smoothies, quinoa, chia seeds, refrigerator oatmeal, dinners with a lean protein source and healthy sides became the norm.  Granted, a new addiction popped up…frozen yogurt with tons of candy toppings…but I’m trying to be better about how often I have that…trying 😉


I started experimenting with what I would eat before runs, during long runs, and after runs.  I found that eating better, properly fueling, and decreasing my sugar intake was making me feel more energized, feel better during runs and recover better.  Even better, eating healthier allowed me to not feel so guilty when I did have that big bowl of frozen yogurt 😉

I’m not perfect by any means, though!  I have my days when cravings run amuck and all I want is every bad-for-you thing in the house.  It’s hard when you have 3 little ones in the house and they’re asking you for snacks all day so you’re constantly faced with the pantry.  With my sore foot, it has become so much worse because I think, “I don’t have to watch what I eat because I’m not running tomorrow!”  I often look to food for comfort, and I’m not reaching for that apple, I’m reaching for that chocolate in the top of the pantry or that bag of chips.  I want to get back to running very soon though and I need to put a stop to this haphazard eating and these cravings (except maybe frozen yogurt with tons of candy toppings)!

What are some things that you just can’t stay away from?

2 thoughts on “Cravings Running Amuck

  1. It’s SO hard to eat well all the time! I do really well during the kids’ waking hours. After they go to bed, though, I get a second wind–I feel so free! 😉 Finally, it’s “me” time, and all I want is a glass of wine, something sweet, and then of course something salty. Often it starts out innocently — some fruit, say. But then I’ll think, hey, some white cheddar popcorn would be good…and before you know it, I’ve gone through an entire bag. 😦 I need to have more willpower in the evenings!

  2. Great topic! Hands down the hardest time for me is after the kids go to bed and I sit down. During the day I’m so good and disciplined but as soon as the night hits I get the munchies. I am a sucker for pretzels or a good glass of wine. Everything in moderation right?! : )

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